How it works

Beta Institute of Technology supports former foster youth in achieving success measured through job fulfillment.  Participants are developed to become Coders with Character through apprenticeship, technical training, and life lessons which are taught with an ideal mixture of virtual and in-person coursework.  Our network of employers gain access to participants with the ability to learn, problem solving skills, technical aptitude, and soft skills that meet the demands of today's work environment.  

There are no fees to employers for hiring participants and Beta Institute of Technology seeks scholarships for 100% of students.  This approach creates a win-win environment, right here in America: 

  • Companies fill entry level roles with high-quality, local candidates

  • Participants get a strong foundation in programming, skills to start a career, and a good paying job

  • America as a whole benefits from money flowing into local communities



Are you motivated, intellectually curious, and ready to learn how to program? If you qualify you'll get a education with no upfront cost to you and a great job.

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Looking for America's best and brightest entry level programmers?  We can help.

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