You've come to the right Place to get into technology, learn how to code, and make A Competitive Salary.  

We are looking for driven, curious people who are emancipated from the foster care system.  At BIT, we teach you to code like a pro and develop your skill set to create a foundation for a long, successful career.  How do we do this?  We work with companies who are looking for great entry level developers and build our curriculum around their needs.  

Learn to code from home, or your local coffee shop

The majority of the coursework is online so you can learn to become a world class programmer right from the comfort of your home or favorite wifi spot.  You'll also get access to a dedicated teacher, there to help when you need it if you get stuck.  

Learn to build websites and apps like a pro

We don't just teach you how to code, we teach you how to code at a world class level, because that's what it takes to make it in the highly competitive tech world.  Don't worry, we've got your back.


Technical Skills and a BIT More  

You will want to hug us for this one!  As you develop your skills as a great programmer, we will work to identify job matches while teaching you how to effectively communicate, demonstrate emotional intelligence, and interview.  We know that technical skills are just the start and this will help get your career started.  

Wait... there's more!  We continue to work with you as you start your job to support your success and development.  We understand the challenges of what it takes to be successful and will guide you to make sure you keep progressing after you complete your coursework.  We know that is where the most value is created.